The Days Bygone

2 min readMar 27, 2021


Let’s just say I traveled to the past to my high school first year. I see me eating at the cantina, I sit down in the ceramic white long chair. All is quiet, then I talked to him.

“Do you know who am I?”

He responded, “No, I don’t”

So I tell him, “do you want to see the future?”

He nods and we traveled to the future. I ask of him to stay near me for at least a week so he knows my predicament. Someday he realize the future him is someone he never aspire to be.

“I am a complete failure in the future? That’s impossible! Where’s the valedictorian? Why am I such a mediocre? Wait what… is it even true?”

The boy can only understand someone by his merit but not their feeling. So I asked of him if he would like to know how I feel, our body interchanged and he felt something so heavy.

“What is this? I never expected… why am I feeling useless? Am I not to prosper like people says?”

And so we swapped again, the boy cried.

“No, it can’t be. There must be something I remedy to prevent this. I will study harder, I will be a social person.”

But I know there’s no point of divergence that wouldn’t result in quarter life crisis, the boy can still make a move but he’ll fail one day.

“You will fail eventually, just when and how worse.” I said, “your life will be full of failure no matter you do. I bring you here so that you know the pain of failure, but don’t linger on the future, live the present.”

“How do I know I will choose the best path?” He asked.

“You don’t.” I replied laconicly, “I don’t, no one does”.

“Then I shall travel back to the past to fix my mistakes can you list them?”

I bring him a thick book of checklist, “Here’s what I compiled, but even if you finish it there is no guarantee of success.”

“Farewell then I shall return now.” he said.

And so he return to the past.

Eventually he became a 4th year undergrad student, even though he had finished the checklist something in him still feel like he had become something he never aspire to be.

Like me, he will travel back in time and warn his old self with a new thick checklist book. And so on, the process continues until perfection is obtained.

But no matter how many time I try, perfection is impossible. So in a multiverse of me in 22 feeling the same thing all over each returning to the past to warn, but in the end nobody can change the inevitable.

And so here I am writing this thinking how pointless it is to ponder the past, everyone will feel like complete failure at some point. Meh, I have things to do farewell.




Let the sun stops shinning Earth fixed at a point in its orbit But you shall let not A doubt of my love for you